Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cello Rock concert in KK

Break of Reality, a cello-rock band from USA came to perform in last weekend. I was lucky coz Bryan, the sound engineer in church was mixing for the show... and worship team members got free tickets. Yay!

Brought Ryan along to the show. It's not often we get concerts in KK, free lagi tu. Why free leh? Coz it was a cultural exchange initiative sponsored by the US Embassy.

The acoustics in JKKN auditorium was amazing. No echo, no buzz or hiss or whatsoever. Bryan did a fantastic job on the sound. The instruments sounded clean and crisps. OK, having the best seats in the front row helped too.

The cello band gave a spectacular performance. The short drummer was witty and cute, and engaged well with the audience. The music was accurate and moving... but it gets dull after an hour or so.

And so they jammed with local finger-style guitar maestro Roger Wang on the song 'Yesterday'. I would say the highlight of the night was a joint performance with the award-winning bamboo band from SMK Tamparuli. They played 'Jambatan Tamparuli' and 'Tinggi-tinggi Gunung Kinabalu'. Energetic, passionate, young performers homegrown in Sabah. East meets West... truly music is a uniting language.

Thank God for a memorable night of soaking in world-class live music. If I get to be young again, I want to learn the cello. Cheh!

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