Sunday, May 15, 2011

A beautiful miracle

He was once a hardened gangster terrorizing the streets of Taiwan. Numbed to gang-fights and bloodshed, a hot-blooded comrade who would not hesitate to come to the rescue of his brothers in the midst of punches and sword fights.

That was till his life took a turn on that unforgettable day, where his beloved brother-in-crime smashed a bottle on his head. He fell from height, broke his back, and was destined to be wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life.

He had every reason to resign into despair. He lost the control of his bladder and bowel functions. He had to depend on others to clean up his mess, feed him, and move him around.

Yet today, he travels around the globe, telling people about how he was saved from a despised and useless life, and transformed into the cheerful person he is now.

He never learned music, and could hardly read the 'beansprouts' on a musical stave. Yet the songs that he wrote resonate amongst Chinese churches around the world. He attributes all his praises to his God that placed music into his heart.

Yup, that's Mr. Lim (林和成) who came to tell his story in the Taman Midah Lutheran Church in today's Sunday service.

He entertained the congregation with a few two-wheeler stunts.

Sharing his heart and vision through beautiful melodies. 宣教的中国 sings of his yearning to see China arise into a missionary-sending nation and bless the world.

Who would have thought an ex-gangster-now-paraplegic would rise from the ashes and become a beacon of encouragement to many.

Who would have thought a lady would want to sacrifice her youth and life caring for a paraplegic.

Yet his God has blessed him with a marriage, and a beautiful wife that helped expand his ministry far beyond the shores of Taiwan.

The Chinese call it 夫唱妇随.

He has not lost the 'fire' of his gangster days, but now it is channeled to a greater calling to serve his God. If you asked him how did he achieve so much against all odds, I am sure he would say... well, there's a long answer and a short answer.

The short answer is... Jesus Christ.
And the long answer is... well, let's just keep the answer short and sweet.

A beautiful miracle, don't you agree?

I've got a collection 3 CDs autographed by the songwriter :-)