Monday, August 31, 2009

National Day phoneshots

Since it's a holiday, I went to yumcha at the shop with my parents.
And then went to see what everybody else is doing on National Day. Peace (I haven't perfected the peace sign yet).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Modern kids

Forget about bedtime songs and lullabies, the iPod reigns!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Protesters Threaten Bloodshed Over Hindu Temple

Sigh. Some people are just so crazily desperate to take back Selangor, or to maintain ISA, or whatever. Whatever is in their mind during fasting month, peace and love is definitely no where to be seen. So much hatred, tak batal puasa ka?

Did you participate in the 40 days Fast and Prayer for the Nation?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some jokers

Don't run away from responsibility, MACC told

Joker 1: "Aiya when we investigate politicians hor, they blame us a lot la. So, I think we should stop investigating politicians."

Maybe the police should also say, "when we investigate gangsters, drug pushers, criminals, they blame us a lot la... we should stop investigating these people".

As if you don't know politicians have great capacity/temptation for corruption. Or just pretending dunno. And why is your agency keep digging into petty things about Pakatan Rakyat reps, yet keeping silent about BIG things like the Khir palace, the PKFZ thingy... and now you want to stop investigating. Your department's name is Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commision u know? If you don't work, why are you still sitting on the post then? Should just quit and let somebody who can do the job take over.

Clouding the PKFZ issue

Joker 2: "I donated so much money to your party, and I give your friends free rides on my planes. So what if I am corrupt and stealing millions of taxpayers' money. Just sweep everything under the carpet and stop korek me la. We all fren fren ma. Now you don't fren me, I also don't want to fren you."

Just like Chinese kungfu movie scenes. Want to die, die together. 大家同归於尽!shouts the revengeful kungfu hero with an air of righteousness.

So the logic is whoever donates a lot of money to politicians must not be investigated for corruption is it?

Jokers la. The standard of politicians and MACC that we have.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am daddy's little driver.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some updates

Was in KL last week for a statistics workshop in the National Institute of Health near KL Sentral. We've been doing a research project under their guidance, and hence this workshop to see our progress. I stayed at the newly opened Hotel Sentral in Brickfields. It's just across the road from KL Sentral, and within walking distance to the NIH. Being a new hotel, the rates were quite reasonable. RM 130 plus for a room with all-new furniture, a mini-fridge, a large LCD TV, free 24-hours wifi in the room, a great view, and complimentary breakfast each day... WOW! Heck the workshop was so tight (plus I got some assignments to rush up with), hardly got to watch the LCD TV. Brickfields, the place where I stayed, is a very... er... colourful area. There's a church, a mosque, and a Chinese temple, all within a hundred meters to start with. Then there are so many Indian restaurants that you'll be spoilt for choice. And the place is full of blind-person massage centers (I cuba-cuba one hour la... didn't feel any difference pun, unlike the authentic massage I tried in Bangkok). And... , baru I know Brickfields serves as a red light district as well. On the same row as my hotel, there are at least 5 shoplots with red fluorescent lights, some nice girls smiling at the entrance... and a nice old auntie or uncle inviting "come la come la, many to choose from"... you get the idea la hor. The irony is, in the same week there was a conference of CID (Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah la) police from Bukit Aman, held in the hotel that I was staying. And the red light shops still opened for business in full glare, macam biasa je business as usual. How to have any more hope on Malaysian police anymore?

Met my university professor on Friday. Handed in some assignments to her (that's why I didn't get to watch the LCD TV la... procrastination, sigh...). Anyway, found out that a quarter of my batch mates of the HUKM Masters program has fallen away (quit). Another quarter have been held back a semester or two for various reasons. It's tough. Got to have lots of determination and self discipline, and less procrastination and playing-internet. Dunno I can survive how much longer.

Flew back to KK on Saturday. Only to be told that... there's a funny smell in the pipe water. Climbed up the tangki on the ceiling to check... GUESS WHAT? There's a dead mouse in the tank. Stupid idiot mouse must have slipped and fell into the tank and got drown. There goes my weekend break... emptying the tank and cleaning it. Could have called for plumbers to come in, but sure will kena slaughter, and worse still their job may not be up to my standards. Sigh. DIY lor. Tried to siphon the dirty water out using a long hose, but it didn't work. Finally, used the traditional bucket method lo. The mouse was so decayed already (sorry if this spoilt your appetite) that it literally melt on the hands, not it the mouth (M&Ms!). Emptied the tank, washed with soap twice, and one cycle of Dettol cleansing. How many plumber would do that for you, without slaughtering you? Finally, got back clean pipe water. Kesian little boy and his mummy has been using mouse soup for the past one week.

Went to PC Fair in KK on Sunday. The place was crazy crowded (forget about H1N1). Got for myself a headphone with a mic (can try it out if you play facebook or skype or YM with me hehehe), a bluetooth dongle (yeh yeh finally my antique laptop got bluetooth wei!), and some blank DVDs and CDs (I am a strong supporter of home-made pirated CDs...).

And then it's back to work.

Sleeping on the wheels

My vehicle overturned in an accident.

My daddy took so long to come, so I decided to take a nap first.