Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Lord's Supper

Unleavened bread, mutton stew, bitter vege, lettuce, raisins and peanuts, with red wine to down it all. 
The Passover meal is good.

Ryan is six


Can't wait to open them.

Naughty face.

Fans of Angry Birds.

Fast toys in town

F1 came to MidValley. Charging RM 20 for a photo with toy cars, brilliant.

Mat Basikal

Terrorising the streets of Keningau Hospital.

No speeding indoors

Hand-propelled toy car. Never had those when I was young.
Don't you dare drop the iPad!

Izac turns three

My little collection

A misty morning in Keningau

Sometimes I wonder whether I am here for work or for vacation. 

Hi, I am Aren

You can also call me 孔祥安.

Yeh, Pizza Hut!

New brothers

Gaya Street CNY

Getting into the mood of the season.

Hit by Gangnam Fever.

Enjoying dimsum

Good dimsum is hard to come by in KK.