Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The bare truth

And Job said, "Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD."
KJV Job 1:21

THE rings

These are THE rings. Irene and I will be having engagement on the 15th October. That's just about 2 weeks away from now. It will be held at Irene's house in Tenom, at night. According to past traditions, negotiations will begin late evening, and if an agreement is not reached, it can sometimes drag on till the next morning. Then only are the relatives and guests are allowed to partake the meal. A little nervous, a little anxious. On that day I will become the LORD OF THE RING.

Chubby baby

Here's a fat baby that just arrived last night. Very cute and chubby, 4.1 kg via SVD. I waited for the little fella to open his eyes, but till this morning he only opened a little slit. His cheeks were like tausapao, I couldn't resist kissing and pinching em.

Dalmatian litter

Seen a Dalmatian in real life? Dalmatian puppies? Irene's dog gave birth recently to 3 cuddly pups. These dogs wag their tails non-stop! And the pups were so energetic!

My new hobby

... photographing babies! And the models are in abundance in my ward. New fresh babies hot from the wombs each day. This baby was about a month old, but he was SOOOOooo cute and smiley.

My entry into digital photography

Bought a Canon S2 IS a few days before Merdeka Day. Was initially thinking of buying a cheaper Point 'n' Shoot camera. Then my friend Patrick S.C.Wong in Sandakan brainwashed me into buying this... almost a month's salary gone. Anyway, won't be upgrading anytime soon, since this camera is quite 'advanced'. A bit bulky, but I love the 12x zoom and Image Stabilisation, the swivel LCD, the features... just quite a bit bulky though. I try to bring it along everywhere I go. Good tool to capture memories that pass my life only once. Do get a camera if you don't have one yet. Here's one of my favourite pics.


Twin babies delivered via SVD, to a happy first-time mother from Tambunan, half an hour away from here. On the left was big brother, on the right was little brother.

My first entry

Here's my girlfriend, Irene.