Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pre-holiday weekend

There was Tamu Besar in the KPD tamu ground today. Brought the kids there to do some shopping. Good to get them out of the house and see the farmers's market. The tamu sells the best satay around KK, at 60 sen per stick. Also, we loved the ayam golek grilled chicken.

Ducklings on sale. Flowers in full bloom, ready for display during CNY.

Even goats! Hey, maybe to coincide with the Chinese lunar Year of the Goat.

Came back to see little boy playing a paper box, imagining it to be a lion dance head. 

Experiment today on the Philips pressure cooker... random mix... lotus root, corn, peanuts, red dates, chicken bone, cuttlefish. Pretty good.

Will be flying back to Seremban tomorrow for CNY.