Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gordon and Khoo's wedding

Attended a friend's wedding last night. It was at the Rasa Ria Resort, about 30 minutes away from KK. Haven't been there for a long long time. Think the last time I was there was 8 year's ago, for the SIB's church conference (?).

Didn't quite expected a beach wedding. It was REALLY nice. With candles and flames... something like the Survivor series thingy. Ryan wanted to tag along.

The three musicians created some very romantic music. Wow!

Ryan's just holding the glass for me. No alcohol for kids.

The table with the roast lamb.

Each table had candles prepared by the couple. Very thoughtful effort.
Photos with the couple didn't turn out well. Thanks Gordon and Khoo for the invite, it was a great wedding dinner. And you guys are loads of fun to be with.

Soaking up some World Cup fever

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The diagnosis is out

Izac's chromosome analysis results is out. The Trisomy 21 (medic lingo) is confirmed.

It is a challenge in all aspects. That is His plan for us, we submit, and make the best out of it. We shall see how He will reveal His glory in the days to come. For now it's just simple faith to trust that "in all things God work for the good of those who love Him". ALL things. Let's see how that will work out. Keep watch with us, and we'll look back on this statement many years down the line.

If you have some good suggestions, do let us know. We're pretty blur about taking care of a special baby.

By the way, Izac (more glamour than Isaac) is named because a man long ago, too submitted his child to a plan that he couldn't make sense of.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taken with new toys

Father's Day in church today

The UMS students were on semester holidays. Yet I have been pretty busy these days with assignments and stuffs.

Anyway, here are some photos from today's church service. Celebrating Father's Day too.

Beautiful song from the coolest couple in church, in matching Indonesian batik tops with Ming porcelain colours. Aiya they forgot to get for the kids.

Weng Kong sharing "What I have learnt from my father". Rather than demanding this and that from our children, have we been good examples that they would want to follow / imitate?

Who says there is no free lunch in this world?