Sunday, October 23, 2005


My ex-uni friend Ah Jun sms-ed me this morning to tell that there is an article in The Star newspaper today featuring the Lundayeh people-group.

update 25.10.05: Ah Jun informed that there is an article a week earlier featuring the Lun Bawang people-group. Thanks Ah Jun!

Here's the link if you would like to read more about the Lundayehs. Just click on... Tera Ratcho’s children

And here are links to articles on the Lun Bawangs, a sister tribe to the Lun Dayehs. Someone once told me, they all originate from somewhere near the Kalimantan border; those who migrate and settle in Sarawak later call themselves the Lun Bawangs, and those who settle in Sabah the Lun Dayehs.

Nomads no more

Community compendium

The first time I heard of this people-group was when I was still in Kota Kinabalu. Someone (i forgot who) mentioned something like "you know ah, in Sipitang there is a small tribe of people... their girls ah, the skin very fair and pretty one ohh, even more fair than Chinese wor... and majority are Christians.".

I did not know of any Lundayeh people until I came here. There are 2 Lundayeh nurses in my ward currently. I visited the annual Lundayeh Festival early this year in Kemabong, but didn't have a digicam then, so no photo to show. Also, went travelling with Ah Jun to Ba Kelalan in May this year, to visit the stronghold of the Lun Bawangs.

* the photo above is taken from Sabah Tourism website

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Irene and I had our engagement ceremony at her place last Saturday night. It was a wonderful occasion. Many relatives and friends came from near and afar to share in our joy. The electricity was cut off since morning till afternoon, and came back just in time. Haleluyah! Wedding is tentatively planned for during school holidays next March, God willing. YOU ARE INVITED.

To look at some of our engagement photos, click HERE.

Do remember us in your prayers. Thank you and God bless.

Monday, October 10, 2005


His name is Raphael, we call him Cikgu Raphael. It was announced in church two weeks ago that he will be giving music and vocal lessons after Sunday service. And he did. Raphael gave us crash courses on playing the keyboard, guitar, bass and drums. Then we have an hour or so of vocal lessons. That guy IS GOOD. Hopefully we will churn out a new team of musicians for praise and worship pretty soon.

Though I was very much impressed with his gift and passion in music, I was more humbled by his statement, which went... "I am thankful that God gave me this gift. I am honored to share with you all what I know. It all came from God, and I am going to use it for His glory". Really cool, don't you think so?

A good front

This is Hospital Keningau. Impressive? Ya, looks so mighty and beautiful from the outside. Once you enter, the truth sinks in. Walls are full of cracks, tiles are 'erupting' and breaking apart, roofs are leaking. Contract workers do their chiselling each day to widen the cracks before refilling them with plaster. Looking at the cracks, words like 'giant spider-web', 'post-earthquake hit' come to mind. The broken tiles have been chiselled out, changed and retiled; and they crack again. I have never seen a new building needing such extensive repairs. And it has not even been 2 years since we moved in. People say it's because of shoddy workmanship, poor quality materials, cost cutting, corruption... The auditors confirmed that the hospital is by far not worth it's price. Government project, what do you expect la.

How well do we fare comparing our outward appearances and what is really inside us? Do we strive and struggle to maintain a good front, while turning a blind eye to the broken things inside? Good to take some time to do some honest soul-seaching.

"How terrible for you, teachers of the Law and Pharisees! You hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look fine on the outside but are full of bones and decaying corpses on the inside. In the same way, on the outside you appear good to everybody, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and sins."
Mat 23:27-28

Saturday, October 08, 2005


This is Lassi. He is of pure 'kampung' breed. He has been watching my house and keeping me company for the past half-a-year or so. Since arrived, he has grown from a puppy into a full-size now. Yesterday he injured his left metacarpal joint, and was limping away on antalgic gait. Today he seems to have improved a lot. Good prognosis I suppose.