Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011

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Well, today's Easter Sunday. Went with my Sarawakian friend Harris to our nearby Lutheran church.

The ever funny Pastor Ezra Yew gave the Easter sermon today. The story of the day was taken from Luke 24:13-33 ... about two of Jesus' disciples walking balik kampung towards Emmaus, about 11km from Jerusalem where Jesus was killed on the cross.

Their faces were downcast and they felt cheated. Jesus, whom they hoped to lead a new government, died a horrible criminal. Nailed on the cross. Very dead. The opposition party was crushed.

"Ai yo yo... so now how la. Back to square one. Waste time only follow Jesus. I thought he's gonna be our next leader... mana tau he turned out to be a criminal, liar ... kena hang on the cross lagi."
"I wonder what did he do wrong la, that the government hated him so much."
"Dunno la. He seemed a nice guy to me. And he talked nicely to children and lepers and prostitutes, I also can't do that."
"The government ah, dunno real or not one what they accused him of. Said he's a threat to national security la, want to overthrow the government la, causing disunity among our race la..."
"Tu la, he said must love everybody, even our enemies. Where can like that one. Cannot let those pendatang share our rights ma. It's our rights you know... the Scriptures said one. Die die also must defend our rights."
"I think those politicians don't like him being so vocal about their corruption, and the cakap tak serupa bikin la"
"Ei, you think what the government said about his video, real or not one ah?"

And they talked and talked, not realising Jesus that has joined them in the walk.

"Uh hum guys, what are you fellas chatting about?"

Both followers still talking among themselves...
"Jesus lo. Now he's dead, we don't what to do anymore. Balik kampung tanam padi. Wasted those months following him."
"Where did you guys get your news from la? The mainstream media? As if you guys don't know they will always spin the story to side the ruling party meh?"
"Ei come on la, brother, are you new in town? Dunno what happened meh?"

Jesus pretending blur blur... "hmm... tell me about it."
"Some of our ladies went to the tomb where they kept his body, but they said the body's no longer there, and they saw angels wor..."
"Ai ya, dunno those ladies talk real or not one... sometimes they talk big only..."
"No la, some of the guys also checked out the tomb... no body nobody but cloth there"
And they talked and talked, all the while keeping their heads down.

And Jesus gave them some reminders of what the Scriptures said about the 'saviour' who would need to suffer and die.

As the sun was setting, the followers reached their kampung. On seeing Jesus wanting to travel further, they invited him for makan and an overnight stay in their homes. Typical Jewish hospitality.

At the dinner table, they gave Jesus, their guest of honour the privilege to say grace. And when Jesus took a loaf, gave thanks, broke it and gave to them, then only they held up their heads and realised that IT WAS JESUS! (I wonder what were they looking at all those while)

OK la, the Pastor Yew didn't say those things. It's meant to be an Easter play, which I will be directing next year perhaps.

Pastor Yew gave 3 main points to learn from the passage in Luke.

Point 1: (Dozed off here. Post-oncall... ehem. Anybody knows what point?) updated from Pastor Yew... Do not seek the living among the dead

Point 2: Do not be blinded by our problems... till we can't see Jesus anymore. Problems, pain, stress can sometimes be part of God's plan to build our character... and the final result is peace & cool in all circumstances, good times or bad times. The Chinese call it 'even if the sky falls down, I will use it as a blanket cover'.

Point 3: Give your sovereignty to Jesus. The disciples only recognised Jesus when they let him be the Master of the meal. We can only see what life really is about, when we pass over the control to Jesus. Till then we will still be brooding over our problems, and losing sight of the blessings in our lives.

After the sermon, there was the installation ceremony for the new office-bearers of the Church Council.

"Let me ask again... you guys very very sure want to take up the job? No gaji, lots of complaints one. Think very carefully before you say yes. Sure or not?"

"Church, I present to you, your faithful servants for the next one year."

Then there was the baptism ceremony for adults and children...

Harvest time.

And then it was Pastor Chan's birthday celebration! There he was beaming away with his family, and that huge chocolate cake.

Had lunch in church, went home... and then shared my day with you here.

Happy Easter.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A park in KK

My daddy came back to see us.

He brought us to play in a new park in KK. I brought along my bicycle which has been collecting dust in the bedroom...

I can ride very fast you know...

Then the park guard did not allow me to ride bicycle. So I had to find other things to play... No worries, there were many more fun things to do...

Ai ya, Izac still small baby, don't know how to ride bicycle yet la.