Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Angkasawan = Astronaut?

Does a few months of training turn a medical doctor into an astronaut?

Our chiefs think so. Someone said "The country has successfully produced two individuals who can participate in space missions at any time when they are needed..."

The real astronauts don't. They call it Spaceflight Participant. Penumpang Angkasa. Sounds much classier than Space Tourist though. Don't believe me? See the NASA website. Or see HERE for some good laughs at the comments.

Of course, it's no small feat to pass the physical training and stuffs to be allowed on board. Some even had to pay millions of dollars for a taste of space flight. Just wondering how much did we pay with our tax money in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh to be the first Spaceflight Participant to make teh tarik and eat roti canai in zero gravity.

Mountain trip

Little boy's grandma and auntie came over from West Malaysia last weekend to see how he was getting on. The last time they came together was when little boy celebrated his first month birthday. He is now almost double the size, and much more naughtier.

Since My Vee was still under repair in the workshop, I had initially booked a car from the Rent-A-Car shop nearby. But then a great couple very generously offered to let us use their Big-Mean-Wheels (thanks again Bob and Suz!). Wow! Where to find friends like that. Jun, if you are reading this, your prophecy about 'trust God for bigger wheels' really worked, for a short while at least ;-).

On Friday night we attended a Mooncake and Lantern Festival organised by the SIB Church in a housing estate's balai-raya. I was really impressed. The organisation was smooth, turnout was great, lanterns everywhere, food aplenty, AND... the Guest-Of-Honour that night was a very elderly hunch-back lady (oldest senior citizen in the neighbourhood?) rather than some wealthy bigshots. Little boy had his first lantern walk that night. Na, he was not allowed to eat mooncakes yet.

Little boy was very excited to see grandma, auntie, and lots of toys, clothes... kena manja lagi. OK la, little boy's parents also kena manja.

On Saturday we made a trip to Mount Kinabalu and Kundasang to get away from the city. Little boy likes air-con, so we thought he would have a great time soaking in cool mountain air.

We had lunch in Fairy Garden Restaurant on Auntie Liz's recommendation. Food was really good, got venison meat lagi. So hungry that I forgot to take the food photos.

Spent the evening around Kundasang and visiting the few other nice resorts like Perkasa Hotel and Zen Garden. We were there last year as newly-weds, this year we came back with a little boy. How time flies. We spent a night in Pines Resort. Lodging was OK, food was so-so only.

Unfortunately, little boy developed blocked nose in the night, and was almost crying all night. :-( His nose cleared when the sun came up, and he was more cheeful.

We drove the big-mean-wheels up to Mesilau Nature Resort, which is the alternative starting point for climbers wishing to take the less travelled route up Mount Kinabalu. The journey was steep. The last time we didn't quite reach there on a Wira. This time with big-mean-wheels, sap sap sui la. The place was very picturesque, and not too touristy. Good place for rest and retreat.

Didn't go to the National Park la. Biasa already that place.

On Monday morning, little boy's auntie flew back to Penang. Little boy played with grandma all day, until grandma flew home in the evening. Little boy and parents will be missing them. He'll be meeting all his relatives again in December when auntie gets married.

To see more photos, click HERE.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Much ado over a fake photo?

Not so much the political counter-talk, but I find the lateral thinking and critical analysis a pretty good read. Malu malu malu.

The black border at the lower edge of the flag does look pretty fake, don't you think so?

Judging judges?

Anwar’s explosive video clip on Judiciary Compromised
"An explosive video clip released today shows senior lawyer VK Lingam in a phone conversation, purportedly with current Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, allegedly fixing the appointment of ‘friendly’ senior judges."

We want to make sure our friends are there for the sake of the PM and the sake of the country. Not for our own interest, not for our own interest.

(hahaha... that's a good one)

Man... to think that I am naive enough to believe that judges are people of noble character.

They are just as fallible, like me.

For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God.
Rom 3:23

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Babe in a basket

Now how to do that angkat bakul sendiri stunt...

Little boy imitating the Monroe stunt. Sexier than Monroe, that is.

Hmmm... televisions are not good influence for little boys.

The Big Bang

Moral of the story: Ford Ranger is tougher than a Perodua Myvi (but can't afford one at the moment).

Passengers are fine. But car masuk workshop and out of commission for a couple of weeks.

Thankfully still got two wheels and two legs to use in the meantime.

God save the King...

And now, King save the country?

Petition to the Agong


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How much is RM 100 million?

Over RM 100 million spent by Federal govt for 50th Merdeka anniversary celebrations

Based on my little bit of makan gaji salary, I can't imagine how RM 100 million looks like.

But spending it on a one-day celebration is just beyond belief. I wonder how much of it goes into the pockets of those in power. I wonder what those who struggle each day to put food on the table and keep a roof over the head would think about such spending. I wonder what do you think about it.

I detest my hard-earned tax money being spent that way.