Friday, October 31, 2008


What do you do before you go and buy a car?

You ask around people who have the car for real comments. You go to the showroom and try out the seats, touch the paintwork, feel the interior, play with the steering, slam the door... (and get some free food and drinks). You scrutinise the brochure, compare fuel consumption and horsepower. You ask for a test drive and do some ganas maneuvers to see whether the car is worthy of your hard-earned cash.

At least that's what I did before splurging 50K on a car.

Our wonderful government buys RM 1.6 billion worth of helicopters by just reading brochures. By the way, anybody knows how many zeroes are there in a billion?

Wonderful, isn't it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stack game

Ryan is not interested in little baby's games.

He prefers to play with bigger stuffs.

Like the ones below...

"Oi budak, not yet close shop la!"

A week breakaway

We are back from a week's holiday in West Malaysia. Schedule was pretty tight, but well, we very kiasu mah, pack many things into one holiday, must get back full worth of the air ticket mah. What ever, it's good to get away from routine work for a week. And it's good to be pampered by parents once in a while.

To cut the long story short, here's what we did:

Fri: Arrived near midnight in Seremban. Late supper of sup kambing and mee goreng.

Sat: In KL for cousin's church wedding at a beautiful church near Dataran Merdeka. Rested at brother's place in the afternoon. Off for tea ceremony in the evening followed by dinner at Renaisance Hotel KL (posh place man...). Back to Seremban near midnight.

Sun: Off to Penang in the morning. A stopover at the Tapah Rest Area for some food and fruit-buying; and another stopover at Ipoh for taugeh-chicken-horfun (not that great la, won't go back again). Arrived in Penang to see Julia's new baby Caris. Did some shopping in TESCO at night.

"Long journey made easy with highway. How come Sabah roads got so many lubang one?"
"Missed the salted chicken in Ipoh. Lain kali je lah."

"Hello I am Caris. I just arrived a month ago."

"Really cool shopping cart in TESCO. If only they come to Sabah, Giant sure koyak."

Mon: Played with Caris. Afternoon went out to explore Georgetown and KOMTAR. Paid a courtesy call to saudara Lim Guan Eng (if you believe me). Ate the famous Penang laksa and cendol at Penang Road (not that great also). Thai food for dinner. Oyster-fried-egg for supper.

"Manja boy."

Tues: Left Penang in the afternoon. Stopover in Bidor to buy it's famous biscuits and ate duck-noodles (not great also). Arrived Seremban at night.

Wed: Drove up to KL. Window shopping at Sogo (lots of Japanese stuffs) and KLCC. Visited Irene's cousin and kids in Bintang Walk area. Arrived Seremban late at night.

Thurs: Drove up to PJ. Jalan-jalan at PJ SS2, Midvalley Megamall. Bought an expensive super lightweight stoller for Ryan (the only one that he would sit still for 2 minutes). Revisited the Chao Yang night market, a place that I used to frequent during uni days. Back to Seremban late at night.

"Can go very fast one. Even the brand is MacLaren. Let's try it out at Sepang F1 circuit."

Fri: Too lazy to drive far. Went to Seremban market to look for my favourite pig-mix-porridge, tau-foo-fa and cendol (better than the Penang one). Teochew food for lunch. Dad belanja us dinner at a steak house.

"Yeh yeh, I got a new old-handphone from grandpa." Show off.

Sat: Went to look for dim-sum breakfast. Last minute shopping at TESCO for stuffs to bring back to Sabah. Prices really cheap there. Dad sent us to airport at 3.30pm. Flight at 5.40pm back to Kota Kinabalu. On the plane Ryan cried and cried (great), and then vomited on me (GREAT).

Sun: ... and how time flies. A week gone by, and hereI am typing this story for you.

Sigh. Monday tomorrow. Back to work again.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Whether you're celebrating it or enjoying the holiday, it's a time to be reminded about forgiveness and compassion.

Colour vision test

It's not often that I score perfect marks. So it's something to blog-boast about.

Your score: 0
Gender: Male
Age range: 30-39
Best score for your gender and age range: 0
Highest score for your gender and age range: 1464

Try it out yourself HERE.