Monday, September 14, 2009

Balik kampung

My daddy brought me back to interior Sabah last weekend. We went balik kampung early coz wanted to avoid the Hari Raya exodus.

It's been a long time. The city is not good for little boys. I get caged up in the house all day. That makes Ryan a dull little boy.

Where else in the kampung...

... I become the center of attention

... I get to manja with my Gong-gong
... and not get scolded for making noise in kampung church

... I get to enjoy natural spa...

... scream at the dogs
... play with sand
... run around naked in the field (hey don't think I am gonna show you the pic)

It good to touch the green green grass of the kampung.

Why do people choose to live in the city anyway?

Monday, September 07, 2009

Amah came to visit me

Amah came from Seremban to visit me over the weekend.

I woke up early (a bit earlier than normal la) to fetch Amah from the airport. Then we went for the very popular kon-lau-mian with chu-chap shop in Tanjung Aru for breakfast.

Wanted to go to the market to get nice nice fish. But it was already almost 10.30am, so not much nice nice fish left. We bought some fruits only la to make fruit juice (did you know that apples and oranges in the market are much cheaper than those in Giant?).

Then we went to the library to borrow some books. I made so much noice that the librarian scolded me. So bad, they really don't give face to little boys.

On the way back, my daddy decided to stop by to visit the big ship that was parking near Likas Bay.

The last time I went up the ship was like two years ago. I was very little then. Can hardly remember what it was like. Couldn't even run around that time. Just remembered that it was very very very hot inside.

Me little boy has gone up the plane, and even the ship. Lucky leh.

There were many books on shelves aboard the ship. Wasn't too hot this time, even though we went at noon. Sea breeze was very strong.

I wanted to buy a Pooh Pooh book with crayons in it. But my daddy said cannot coz I will colour the house instead. So my Amah bought a picture book for me. My daddy was very happy coz he found a good bargain. He bought a Philip Yancey book for only RM 8. Later he asked a friend to buy a few more to give to people.

So happy I went shopping on a ship.
The next morning my daddy woke me up very early to go to the market to buy nice nice fish. I was still blur blur when Amah held my hand to the market.

Yes they did found a couple of nice nice fish, like the seven-star-garoupa, and gigantic tiger prawns.

Later that morning I slept in church. My daddy and mummy were very happy coz I did not attract attention from my usual running around and screaming. They said it was a very successful strategy. From then on they would wake me up at 6.30 am every Sunday so that I would sleep in church.

Die lo.