Sunday, October 02, 2011

SIB Likas (E) Family Fun Day

Today we had church at the beach, for a change. It's the Family Fun Day!

The turnout was great, and the mood was jovial. There was the relaxed Sunday service held in a tent, mouth-watering aroma of BBQ in the air, the sea breeze, the laughters and shrieks of children... lots of games... and good food.

Ryan was all set to play. Saya jaguh Milo!

Our friend from China kept defending his balloon, forgot to go offensive... and yellow team lost the game.

Older children playing 'eagle catch chicken'.

Playing rough.

In the mean time, Ryan and friends were building something in the sand.

Looks like a sand dune with many antennas.

Time to go for a dip in the sea... and show off my muscles...

Where did that Digi balloon come from?