Monday, March 30, 2009

2 year old boy

Little boy turned 2 this week.

It was just not so long ago that he was the little fella who came out naked and crying, taking his first glimpse of light. Then the yellow boy came along. Then the chubby baby who had eczema rashes on the face and the ankles.

And now the cheeky fella who runs up and down stairs, tries to unlock the gate to go out and play, and crazy about handphone/camera/computer... and his milk.

Times flies. Never realised it, so fast, if not by looking at little boy grow up. Rarely look at the mirror. Don't know whether I got more white hair or wrinkles or not.

We brought little boy for a splurge at an American Restaurant. Well it's not always we spend like that...

Then again it's not always that little boy turns one year older. Emm American food ah, so so lah. Once in a while OK la. But not the kind of food that I'll keep going back to.

We've got folks saying they are delighted to see Ryan coz he's always smiling. I too wonder how come the little boy is always so happy. Is that why Jesus says we should be like little children? Good for him coz his dad is smiling less with more assignments to catch up with(or procrastinated with).

The smiling boy. Nice teeth heh.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ryan goes to beach

It is nice that I am not working on-call this weekend. Though there's some work to be done at home.

Last week we drove a long long long way to Kinabatangan, then Lahad Datu, to witness Ian (Irene's brother) and Hana's wedding. The journey was tiring, but it was a great outing with the families.

We went to church this morning, and received a great message from the visiting pastor Kenneth Chin of ACTS church KL. Ryan had some kids fellowship with the other little girls.

Ryan has been pretty much a city boy. He gets very little sunlight, and does his joggings in shopping malls. So we suddenly decided to bring Ryan to the new waterfront park at Likas Bay. We passed that place countless of times, but haven't really stopped to check it out.

Well, since it's a Sunday evening, there were many families bringing their little ones for some evening fun at the beach. Great atmosphere. People picnicing, toddlers running around, kids soaking up in the sea, couples chatting, youths playing the guitar, old folks strolling... you get the picture. Add to it the soothing breeze and slapping waves, a picturesque sunset, and a rainbow at the background.

Ryan was having a great time obviously. Good time for the parents to unwind some stress too.

Maybe should organize picnic outings with the young families in church some time. A mat, some food and drinks, a short time of worship and sharing, then chat and watching the kids play. Sounds like a good idea.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Licence to kill?

1st Post Mortem report: "He died from fluid in the lungs. No foul play."

2nd Post Mortem report: "... found 42 other marks, burns and contusions from the sole of his feet right up to his head.... suffered hemorrhaging in his trachea, chest, spleen, stomach, the back of his neck and spine, and there were also signs of hemorrhaging in his heart. The soles of his feet had many bruises caused by beatings and he also suffered blunt trauma to his skull."

1st Post Mortem: ... "only examined the body from the chest up."

2nd Post Mortem: ... "examined the entire body."

And it took the family of a dead suspected car thief to pick out what the professionals missed.

We've got a death in police custody case, and they got the cheek to say "only examined the body from chest up", and still missed the "hemorrhaging in his trachea, chest... back of neck and spine... blunt trauma to skull". I want to pengsan already. They hired schoolchilren to do post-mortem?

It all stinks to the core. And all these blunder for the death of a suspected car thief? There must be prawns behind the stone.

Like this also can cover up, apa lagi the Mongolian case, the Correct-correct-correct case... how la to tell children to respect cops?

We can start producing CSI Malaysia.

From HERE.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wise words

Spoken like a true leader of all Malaysians. Hope he's sincere.

Nik Abdul Aziz said the government should form a body to manage aid for the poor in the country and not cater only for a single group known as the bumiputera.

"I don't like the (use of the) word bumiputera. What I like is (use of the word) poor, for all races," he added.

He said the poor, regardless of their race, should be given assistance.

Unlike the outgoing-Lah guy.

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