Saturday, August 28, 2010

Malaysia's funniest court video

Got this from Uncle Lim's website.

It is amazing how MACC chose to shame itself by putting a clown to pursue this high profile case.

He spoke in broken English, asked silly questions (which probably he himself did not understand with his poor command of English), refused to hear the witness' answer, blur about his data, and just went on and on with his babble.
"I think you know Mahidol University was not recognised by government of Malaysia. Anybody graduated from Mahidol University was not recognised under our Medical Act..."
"I don't know... But Mahidol University was the top five of Asia..."
"Either top one ka top two is never mind, but we have a law, ok, we have a law, Medical Act, so that's why you are not allowed to conduct the second post-mortem, because you are not qualified."

Mr lawyer ah, so which univerisity did you graduate from? Even if your whatever university is recognised by the government of Malaysia, I seriously think you do not qualify to appear in this court. If our hospital houseman speaks in such incoherent and broken English, they have trouble to even qualify to be a doctor.

With 'senior, experienced, expert' lawyers like this, it would be a miracle that MACC could ever win any high profile corruption case. Become jaguh kampung and bully those the defenseless people, probably can la.

MACC, you lost my last bit of respect totally today.

Satu lagi produk kerajaan Barisan Nasional.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Care for people with special needs

Attended a talk in the Basel Church yesterday.

Just as I was wondering whether there is anybody who cares for people with disabilities, there was this division in Malaysian Care that provides service for people with special needs. 3 ladies shared about the services, which is unfortunately centered around KL.

Basel Church is taking the challenge to set up a toy library. I suspect they will never let Ryan become a member. Ryan breaks his toys within a month.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Korean opera show

We got an invitation to attend a Korean opera last night. And the best thing was: FREE ADMISSION! How can we not attend.

What on earth is a Korean opera? Something like this in Korean costume? Maybe, doesn't matter. Good to go and see something different from the normal daily routines.

Well it turned out to be very different from what I anticipated... It was actually Korean vocalists singing Italian opera (I think, like Pavarotti). The Sabah Council of Churches brought them in to perform in Kota Kinabalu to 'enhance the level of musical appreciation locally'. It was the final night performance.

It was time to test-power my Pentax kit lens 55-300mm, which has been sitting in the box for too long.

This guy is tenor Gyeong-yeo Kim. Very energetic, and handsome singer.

The soprano, Hyunmi-Oh. Gosh she got a doctorate in voice!

She had lots of facial expressions to accompany the voice.

... and some play acting, like pretending to read a book.

Their voices were simply amazing. They won first prices in international competitions and achieved great success in their singing careers. Unfortunately we couldn't understand a word of what they sang. Not even sure whether they sang in Korean language, or Italian.

This looked like a love song duet. The guy was baritone Hyo-yong Yang.

A song about friendship and brotherhood?

Pianist Minji Kim, who worked hard accompanying the singers. Oh gosh she got a doctorate in music and a masters in voice.

A showcase of the pursuit of excellence.

A standing ovation to round up the night.

Izac slept thru the show, because of the comfortable aircon and soothing music. Ryan got really bored after a couple of songs, and started making trouble.

ISO 12800 pic of an ol' friend.

China's got talent

Seen anything like this before?

From the news these days, the Merdeka Theme seems to be 'lu balik China la'.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A new workhorse

The Dell has served me faithfully for the past 6 years. It was a tough machine. Never broke down, not even when the screen hinge was dented after a nasty drop (needed pliers to pry it back to normal shape).

Things have changed, technology moved on. Mobility is a bigger priority now. The processor has been struggling to keep up with the software evolution. The now miserly 40GB hard disk is long past the glory of its yester years.

And so, a new member joined the team last weekend. It sports an impressive CV. 13.3", 1.9kg, i5, 500GB, nVidia 1GB, Ice Cool Palm Rest, 8-cell battery... Sleek and suave, the newly appointed slave.

Good old Dell is now enjoying its golden years. Not quite fully retired yet. It is well utilised by a 3-year-old tech-savvy city boy, to watch Pooh on Youtube and laugh over his baby digital photo albums.

Monday, August 09, 2010

New toy

Went to PC Fair and the wallet had a big hole. Bought a new toy that can do this.

Want to guess?