Thursday, May 22, 2008

A bit off

In the end, it was the Battle of the Davids.

The younger David has a great voice, but became too predictably good and therefore... boring.

The older David has good voice, plus lots of creativity and courage to experiment... making his performances unique and refreshing each time. And he's definitely more macho than di-di-zai David.

And so, the older David is crowned the new American Idol. My prediction was a bit off, but not too far le.

Then again, the most memorable song of the night, for me, is this:

That old man can really sing.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The idiot box

Something bad happened to our old TV.

One fine day, it decided to brighten our life. And so the screen became excessively bright, and non-adjustable. Maybe kena lightning, coz there was a thunderstorm the night before.

And so, we were forced to consider a replacement for the idiot box.

The 'ol and faithful was a 21" chapalang brand called JVS (not JVC) bought 5 years ago, second hand for RM 300. Wasn't sure if it is worth repairing, considering the possibility of it coming to the end of its lifespan. When one thing starts to give problem, other things will start to fail one after another, like what happens to cars reaching the end of their life.

Anyway, true to my kiamsiap self, I wanted to ask around. You've know, cost of living is rising. If still can use, no need to throw away ma.

"Ai ya, bos, what brand ah? JVS? Never heard before la. Cannot find spare part one la... If your one is JVC, maybe can try la. Huh, RM 300 TV ah? Don't bother about repair la...". The electrical shop guy must be laughing in his heart.

Next came the decision of what TV to get. OK, TV is not an essential item. I don't watch much anyway, can live without a one (save on my ASTRO subscription lagi). But since Little Boy and his mummy are at home most of the time, so the TV is their main source of entertainment. And it's quite torturing to watch that super-bright screen.

And so we went to do some survey on TVs. Those overly priced plasma TV and LCD TV are the in thing nowadays. Sure they look good. Wide screen, slim body, breathtaking contrast and resolution...

"Take LCD la bos, they are the TV of the future."
"Those old TV gonna stop production already. Outdated technology la."
"Now got promotion... get LCD TV la."

It was really tempting. Then again, those beauties cost RM 2000 onwards. Sure burns a hole in the wallet. Luckily, there was this young salesman at HM Karamunsing that brought us back to our senses.

"Ei, lengchai, these BIG CRT TV, still got people buy or not one wor?"
"Gooooottt. Some people even prefer those than the LCD ones."
"WHAT??? Why leh? Hmmmm..."
"Those LCD or plasma ah, not good to watch ASTRO one. The ASTRO signal is not High Definition yet, so the picture actually becomes blur. Come come, I show you."
"YA HOR." (Nod nod plus a triumphant smile)

Wonder if that guy will get some goreng if his boss found out that he persuaded us OUT of buying an LCD TV. But he did convince us to get a 29" Samsung from the shop for RM 750, with 2 years warranty.

I always feel that little boys should not be watching too much TV. They should be out there, playing guli, catching butterflies, flying kites, digging earthworms, laughing crazy with "police and thief" and "eagle catching chicks". Or just play with sand. That was what we did during my generation.

My fear was proven right...

"Mum and dad, look, I am reading my little boy books that grandma gave!"
"Emm, what's that thing you're hiding in the back?"
"What thing? Where got? No la... hehehe..."

"You mean this one ah? Nothing la. Just holding it for company. I am really trying to read, you know. I am holding it so that you guys don't watch TV and distract me."

"Wait a minute. That loooks interesting!"

"Gosh, how did they know?!... Those fellas at CSI are so smart!"

"That's a good one. Hahahahaha..."

"Hai yo, so difficult to concentrate on my books now."

"Might as well... Mum, bring me some pop corn and my Ribena."

"Are you talking to me?"