Sunday, February 27, 2011

CNY Day 4

Daddy was getting stressed coz CNY holiday was soon over and he had to go back to work.

We were still sleeping when he drove back in the early in the morning to Cheras.

Mummy and us flew back to Sabah in the afternoon. Grandma came along. With our many gifts and angpaos.

Wished there would be more fun times like this.

CNY Day 3

No specific plan for CNY day 3 too.

Three of us terrorised grandpa's house with our bikes.

The bicycle gang.

If only the hall was more spacious.

Izac couldn't ride a bike. So he watched with grandpa.

Big meal again for lunch.

Gosh, grandma got a cake from Secret Recipe to celebrate our birthdays early (hint hint... March).

Good to have cousins around for birthday.

Izac could not join us for the games.

In the evening, uncle Mark brought us to fly kite in the park. But there was no wind, so it didn't fly.

Never mind, there was always other things to do.

Such as feeding the fish.

Look, big fish!

Or the playground.

Swing me higher la...

And more bubbles.

Caris loved bubbles too.

We played swimming pool in the bathroom at night.

Caris and I ganged up to splash on her daddy.

CNY Day 2

Ok, not going anywhere today. So we played bubbles in grandpa's house.

This stuff was so much fun.

Caris didn't had to blow bubbles. She had a bubble gun.

Never knew blowing bubbles could be so fun.

I showed my bubbling skills to grandpa.

I bubble you, you bubble me.

See who steps on the bubble first.

We had great meals everyday, prepared by grandma. That was steamboat dinner.

Naughty daddy bought some fireworks at a pasar malam in Cheras. That was Caris playing fireworks with me. Aden wasn't allowed to play dangerous stuffs.

Those were great fun too. Hahahaha...

CNY Day 1

Gong Xi Fa Cai from uncle Mark, Caris and auntie Julia.

The kids.

Everybody was back for CNY.

We went to Melaka again to visit great-grand aunty's family. And annual steamboat lunch at their place. I got many angpao... dunno what to buy. Big car?

Then went to grand-uncle's place for some rest. So much space for Izac to crawl around.

In the evening, my daddy brought us to visit the historical sites in Melaka. Might as well go since we were in Melaka already. Next time I can tell teacher I've been to those places in the History books. My daddy was born in Melaka. I am Sabah boy.

I wanted to sit ship... but daddy said it was expensive. Sad.

The red buildings built by the Dutch.

It was so crowded with tourists.

Mummy I want to sit big ship.

Izac got to sit in the stroller. I had to walk...

Yummy durian cendol in Jonker Street. Quite crowded with tourists as well.

Out of Africa.

Can we bring the elephant home?

CNY eve

I wonder what's the plan for today. How come mummy told us to wear nice nice clothes leh... ?

Oh, we're having reunion dinner in Melaka.

The annual Yee Sang meal for reunion dinner. Those are my grand- aunties and uncles.

I was with mummy at the younger Yee Sang table.

Yummy seafood tonic soup. I drank two bowls of them.

Who's that long-beard uncle in opera suit?

Caris enjoying her photos taken.

All in the family.