Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's Merdeka Day in a few days time.

I am reminded of my history books, about the bad British colonials, and how they used 'divide and rule' strategy to keep the various races in Malaysia at arms length of each another, in order to maintain their grasp of power onto Malaya. The white men were the tuans then, and everybody else lesser beings.

In 1957, Ketuanan British was ended. We got colonialised by another kind of 'divide and rule', and new tuans. The Ketuanan Melayu. And since all Melayu has got no choice but to be Muslims, it simply implies Ketuanan Islam. From then on, it was UMNO-MCA/MIC, Bumi-nonBumi, Malay-nonMalay, Muslim-nonMuslim. We've outdone ourselves so well, that we could put the British tuans to shame.

Yerterday I saw a new ray of hope in Malaysia. The people has spoken and they are fed up with the system. Ketuanan Rakyat is the new word. The tuans being the reason-minded rakyat.

Can the man be trusted? Whatever said, he WAS part of the system, at its forefront even. I don't know. But I would rather to give some trust for the man to prove his worth, than to trust the system that has proven itself a failure, and is still failing.

Heralding of a new era? Merdeka, indeed, if it is.

A good read HERE.

Bye bye Be eNd.

God is wise and powerful! Praise him forever and ever. He controls the times and the seasons; he makes and unmakes kings; it is he who gives wisdom and understanding.
Daniel 2:20-21

Monday, August 25, 2008

Heritage Walk

We participated in the 'Heritage Walk' Kota Kinabalu organised by the Sabah Council of Churches this afternoon. The gathering point was at the Padang Merdeka in the city. In Keningau, they call it the 'Walk For Jesus'. I was the official photographer and translator then. Hehehe... so this time even though nothing official, I still brought along my camera to grab some good shots.

The 'Heritage Walk' gathers Christians from various churches to march along the streets and pray for the various institutions of the country. (In case you ask, no I didn't notice any FRU tanks or water cannons). Surprisingly, I saw even Muslims (got tudung ma) joining the event. Good for them. Last year, there were about 2000 participants. This year leh... so many, I couldn't count la.

We were there at 3pm sharp. The place was already packed. Can't find the gang from SIB Likas, so had to join the kids at a corner. Yeah, the yellow kids with the pom-poms.

Ryan didn't mind at all though. He was having fun... and getting to know people. Tak segan one.

"Me and my new friends."

Pastor Jerry Dusing gave the opening speech. He's the pastor of SIB Likas (English), also the President of SIB Sabah. Today I discover that he's also the president of Sabah Council of Churches.

Yeah, that's the man with the courage to lead the SIB church to file a lawsuit against the government for the irrational ruling over the use of the word 'Allah' by BM-speaking Christians. Cheers! For whatever reason, the courts have been postponing the case over and over again. Then again, who really trust the Malaysian courts to deliver justice these days? Same goes with the police force. That's why need to pray for the country lo.

Rising to the National and State anthem. Music provided by the Police Band. Cool!

It started to rain... cats and dogs falling from the sky. Gosh, couldn't start the walk. No worry. The crowd remained in the meeting place and turned it into a praise and prayer session.

Rain or no rain is no trouble for little boy. If he want to have fun, he will find it. Really boh pai seh one. The yellow kids are more than amused too. "Hey you wanna join our pom-pom team?"

The event ended about 4.30 pm. We walked back to the car nearby, and even with umbrellas, we got very wet. Had a nice hot BKT lunch-cum-dinner before sending off some fruits, and then home sweet home for the Olympic Closing Ceremony.

The event is on newspapers HERE. The funny thing is, they reported it as "The walk which started at around 4pm took approximately two and a half hours before returning back to Padang Merdeka. Along the way, participants were provided by walk guides with interesting commentary on the place they visited." Mr. Reporter ah, at 4 pm we were still all at the padang waiting for the downpour to stop la. And at 4.30 pm, we walked back to our cars in the rain la. What kind of reporting is this? Cut and paste from past years one??? I'm going to pengsan reading this kind of lie from the mainstream media.

A delightful surprise

We received a BIG parcel today.

My very kind ol' neighbours in Keningau sent us some fruits from their orchard. God bless them.

'Humongous avocadoes' as Auntie Liz calls them. Enjoying this fruit ah, is an acquired taste. Last time I gave some to my colleague from Peninsular, and after tasting it, his comment was "I ate the fruit, and I can't feel my tongue anymore." Lesson learned: ask before giving it.

Yeh yeh... the King of Fruits. These stuffs are selling for like RM 10 per kg at the roadside leading to UMS. Crazy! Heard that in West Malaysia, D24 only going for RM 4 per kg. Dunno why Sabah durians so expensive. Anyway, too much of this hot stuff isn't good... so we gave some away.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


"Why do I get this funny feeling that somebody is following me?"


" This cart isn't even going fast. Why am I made to wear this silly helmet?"


If you can guess the story, and ask me THE golden question, I belanja you makan.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A new toy

When this handphone hit the shelves some years ago, it was almost a revolution. Handphones before it had horns. Horns like unicorns. Yeah, those ugly antennas jutting out from from the corner. So, the lucky folks who got their hands onto this set were the enviable ones, the trend setters.

"See, my handphone got no antenna one!"

Remember those days not so long ago? Those days, only a handful of people got handphones. These days, only a handful don't.

Then its little brother the Nokia 3315 came along. Mum bought it for me in Sep 2002, just before I left for working life in The Land Below The Wind. Cool! My phone got no horn too! Yeah!

It has served me faithfuly for 6 years. We went thru thick and thin together. Despite all the knocks and bumps in life, the Nokia 3315 never gave up. A really tough fella. Never taken a day sick leave, never gone to the phone-clinic. Never bought fake MC.

Time really flies. 6 years just gone by like that. New models came along; uncompetitive brands fade away, like that Alcatel thingy. (The compact size of Alcatels were really cool at one time).

However, it's time to move on. The ol' ye faithful is showing signs of aging. The battery has lost its stamina, I needed to carry a charger to accompany it all the time (believe it or not, I did that for a year). The bulk has become a bit of a burden. It's not all bad though. I can leave it unattended for a day or so, and be at peace knowing that nobody will even bother to steal it. :-) And yes, seeing raised eyebrows when I flash that Nokia around gives me a feel-good thrill, for whatever going through their minds.

I would sure love to get a high tech toy. Like my trend-setting friend in KL who got an iPHONE. AN iPHONE! Man, that's a four digit price-tag beginning with the number 2. Its good to be rich sometimes.

Then again, there are nurses in the hospital who are using handphones that cost their whole month's dough. Things like that make you wonder whether anybody is bothered about barang naik harga.

Apa boleh buat, have to ubah gaya hidup. Not the BN politicians' style. Kiam siap style.

MISSION: Get a handphone with a decent camera with flash, light and compact, can listen to radio, play music, and whatever other good things in life, and comes with a handsome face.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Budget below RM 500. Ori even better (got good warranty ma).

With that in mind, we went to the shop in Center Point.

I hoped to remain loyal to Nokia; but thier offerings were all above the RM 500 bar. And they do not look cool.

"Uncle ah, my father want to find a new handphone la."

"Choose lo. Got so many models here."

"Err... his old handphone, trade in can get how much ah?"

(Can't believe still got people using that handphone) "Emm... that one ah... emm... can keep as collection la. Hehehe. Or you carry it lo. If got dog chase you, throw at the dog lo. Hehehe."

"Very funny huh."

And we got a new toy, a Sony. And placed the Nokia into retirement.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: RM 450, piece of art, with 2 years warranty.

"See, the new toy can take picture one!"

"Can use to take my handsome face."

"Me and my mummy."

"Guess where I had lunch."

"The cool little boy look."

"My father bought a new toy, and passed me his piece of Nokia brick! So unfair!"