Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SIB Alive - Amy's baptism 28.11.2011

Amy from Hebei, China, flew in to Kota Kinabalu for her convocation in Universiti Malaysia Sabah. She used to join us in the SIB Alive student ministry before going on to work in Shanghai after graduating.

To make it a double celebration, she requested to be baptised on Malaysian soil. So a group of us gathered in Tanjung Lipat beach yesterday for the auspicious occasion.

Auntie Tiok Hua started the session with scriptural reading.

Moved to tears by the song on the wonderful blessing of knowing and trusting in Jesus.

Great sunny day for baptism.

'I have decided to follow Jesus... no turning back, no turning back...'

It's great to have friends cheering along.

Beach outing for the kids.

Prayers for Amy as she brave the world with a new commitment to follow Christ.

TC sharing some words of encouragement... 'there will be trials and tribulations in your walk ahead, but don't turn back.'

Amy receiving her baptism certificate from Andy.

Overjoyed to get a durian cake.... with love, from Malaysia.

The gang.

Amy said she missed bak kut teh... coz she couldn't find such good stuff in Shanghai and the rest of China. So we went for dinner at the best BKT in town.

The girls discussing how to cook BKT for their families in China.

Getting tips from the master... 'you must cook the meat in one big piece, take it out immediately once it is cooked, then slice it... don't throw everything into the pot... cannot eat one like that.'

Ryan found his own company.

2Co 5:17

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas is in the air

We attended a grand wedding (rich family la) in 1Borneo last week.

Wide awake before dinner.

Snoring away during the yam seng. Haiyo... so paiseh only.

Christmas is coming soon.

Manja boys.

Hey what have pine trees and reindeers got to do with Jesus Christ?

Fun on Logos Hope

Last night, we went to the big white ship that berthed at Kota Kinabalu port. There was an event called "The True Medicine" organised for healthcare personnels.

They had a few ship volunteers sharing about their calling to serve long term aboard the Logos Hope, and the activities they did in various countries where the ship docked, such as bible distribution, dental camps, educational programmes, AIDS/HIV awareness campaigns. There was an elderly Dr. Moses Lee from PJ who sold his GP practice in his golden sixties to go for the adventure of missions work in Middle East and Central Asia. Then there was a lady from Operation Mobilisation Malaysia who talked about opportunities for such adventures. Brain-washing session... hehehe...

Izac was more into the adventure of crawling across the rich thick carpet on the meeting hall.

And Ryan had a nice adventure chasing after a little girl friend.

'Yay I got a book from the ship!'... he was trying to read the book at bedtime, but more like the book was reading him.

Some interesting wall decos on Logos Hope. The interior was very nicely done... with aircon, bright lightings, warm ambience, varnished wooden flooring, and live music. Great taste, folks!

Captain Ryan navigating the oceans.

When can we go on a real cruise? Trans-Atlantic would be nice.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

SIB Alive - 12.11.2011

I enjoyed the small group the last 2 weeks when we had the discuss on the topic the 'Word'. The students responded really well and able to give answers beyond the book. Shu Wei's cousin Pei Yan was first timer, she read the bible really well and able to join in the conversation. Our group needs another week to finish the topic. I hope the other groups can also take up the opportunity to go deeper and share about the important aspect of the 'word' in our daily living, like important decision making, the power of meditation of the 'word'.
Tiok Hua

Yes, think that the attendance since new semester has been very encouraging especially with Eric, Li Yun, Su Wei etc. Seems the Lord has managed to touch them and bring them back with a new sense of desire to discover and learn more about Him and also the fellowship and taking the lessons with us.

It is very encouraging to be able to work as a team inspect of our diversity, The small groups for the last two Saterdays were not big for meaningful discussion on the Bible. We were able to draw the students to share their belief system and the contrast with philosopy and traditon... and culture... perescution of believers... their abilty to locate the bible verses... the relevance in our lives... the electronic means of looking up bible verses... the quick and easy ways without the hard copy and the turning of pages... remarkable transformation and innovation... the smart people and smart phones! ... the Chinese and English versions easily accepted by the students... a mixed and interesting group of quick and young minds able to interact and communicate with some of us... the not too young ones.
Say Hoe

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Allah cares

Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why do good intentions produce lousy results?
Why do the wicked prosper, and the righteous suffer?

Banyak perkara yang tak dapat ku mengerti
Mengapakah harus terjadi
Di dalam kehidupan ini
Suatu perkara yang
ku simpan dalam hati
Tiada satupun kan terjadi tanpa Allah peduli

Allah mengerti
Allah peduli
Segala persoalan yg kita hadapi
Tak akan pernah di biarkanNya ku bergumul sendiri
Sbab Allah peduli

Allah mengerti
Allah peduli
Segala persoalan yg kita hadapi
Tak akan pernah di biarkanNya ku bergumul sendiri
Sbab Allah Yesus ku

Monday, November 21, 2011

Obstetrics Life-Saving Skills Course

Came back from conducting an OLSSC in Keningau Hospital last weekend. The organising team was great... the top dogs of SWACH. We were so pampered by the Keningau Hospital staffs... great food, great lodging, great hospitality!

How to help a baby.

How to hold a baby.

How to decapitate... err....

Playing with water balloons.

Home-made water balloon, McGyver style.

Sewing class.

The eureka moment.

The guessing game.

Happy organisers packing up to go home.

Christians are called to practise another set of life-saving skills as well...

And this is the record, that God has given to us everlasting life, and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.
1Jn 5:11-12

Marriage re-dedication

Married 25 years ago as Buddhists, today Andrew and Joyce had a simple wedding again in church. Good la, the covenant says cannot divorce one... if only more M-group do such re-dedication, there would be less broken families in this country.

Joyce telling about their earlier marriage life and how they ended up up Kota Kinabalu. Thank God for an honest mechanic in KK.

The secret is... actually they got more than 3 children...

... the rest of their children are in university, some in China... and they meet (or met) in SIB Alive... and enjoyed Joyce's wonderful food and love... in a big family called the body of Christ.

Monday, November 07, 2011

SIB Alive - 5.11.2011

This year the SIB Alive team decided that we should post our activities online as a chronicle of our spiritual journey, as well as let our students see their handsome/pretty faces... so here is a write-up of what we did two days ago.

As usual, good food in abundance.

All nicely home-made, sprinkled with plenty of love.

For the students, a much welcomed relief from the usual mixed-rice stall stuffs.

We had Joe and Poh Keong, our in-house-trained guitarists leading the praise and worship session.

The teacher Betty and her quartet.

Xiang Yee gave an introduction on the topic that we would be discussing that night... 'God's Word in Your Life' taken from Book 3 of The Navigator's Studies in Christian Living.

Supplemented with a very nicely done & colourful chart. Wow we're discovering some artistic talent here.

Discussing in small groups.
Learning points for the night...
  • God's word is described as a fire (refiner's fire that removes impurities), a hammer (breaks our rock-hard hearts), a sword (to ward off enemies' attacks, and to go offensive)
  • God's word pierces the deepest areas of our hearts; it doesn't just scratch the surface
  • God's word is alive and active, it is not limited by time and geographical boundaries; it still transforms lives today!
  • God's word is truth that sets us free from the untruths of this world
  • God's word guides us into the salvation offered in Jesus Christ