Sunday, October 25, 2009

That time of the year

We travelled up and down the Crocker Range over the weekend.

To rediscover my kampung boy instincts...

To catch up with my kampung frens...

And to fill up with these stuffs...

the King

the Queen

dan lain lain.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


A colleague recently commented... "Waaa... you know ah, Malaysia is so blessed. Do you know that there is disaster all around us... storms in the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand... earthquake in Sumatra... and nothing in Malaysia (except corrupt politicians la). And we have so many races living together in harmony."

Ya hor.

Imagine losing your entire live savings (house, car, land, properties...) in an earthquake. And as far as I know insurance don't compensate for those stuffs lost due to "natural disaster". Only then will we realise that worldly possessions will ultimately perish, like what the Bible has been saying since two thousand plus years ago. Just that we often forget that part.

Disasters as a reminder of the futility of chasing material stuffs? Maybe hor.

Ryan got some new toys

A gift from Ryan's Gong-gong while searching for a keyboard (the boy's been dragging my USB computer keyboard everywhere). Can go hunting lo!

Keyboard for little boy. Found this after much searching around the toy shops in KK.

And soon later discovered a really good-bargain full size keyboard in Servay supermarket. Grrrhh...

Church at the beach

The church had the Sunday Service in Tanjung Aru beach today. It was the Family Fun Day Celebration. Picnic, food, fun.

It's been a long long time since we last went to the beach. Ryan was overjoyed of course. We got lost locating the Pantai Dua in Tanjung Aru, so was a bit late... the worship session already started.

Ryan was more interested in the fun stuffs.

There were games for kids.

Ryan was too small for the SuperCrew's games. So he went to play masak-masak with a little girl in a yellow tent. But cool little girl didn't want to play with him.

Games for adults too.

The Big Eagle Catch Chicken game (when was the last time you play this?). See the grey-hair folks enjoying themselves... it's never too old to play :-)

The passing balloon game...

The hoola-hoop game... And many other games but I didn't take photo la.

Good food of course... the church ordered 2 roast lambs!

A cool dip in the sea for little boy.